• Darul-Uloom began in Canada in 1986 while searching for a location in the US
  • Prepared to purchase properties in Dunkirk, NY but the sale was rejected in 1989
  • Again preparations began to purchase property on Dodge St. in Buffalo, NY but again the sale was rejected in 1990
  • Finally, on June 17, 1991 property was purchased on North Davis Rd. in East Aurora, NY; Unfortunately, permit was granted to house only 18 students
  • In 1992 contract was signed for a property in Hamburg, NY but the sale was halted as a result of opposition from neighbors
  • In 1993 another property was approved on 921 Sycamore Ave in Buffalo, NY but the owners refused to sell to Darul-Uloom
  • Alhumdolilah, finally we purchased the property on 182 Sobieski St. in Buffalo, NY on October 30, 1993 which consisted of a cathedral, a school building and a rectory previously known as The Polish National Church; this was turned into a Masjid and a boarding school
  • On March 3, 1994 the church across from the Masjid was purchased and converted into a girls' school
  • Meanwhile the renovations to the Masjid continued as funds became available until it was completed in 2001
  • In August, 1996 a property was purchased on 921 Sycamore Ave. and the boys' boarding school or Jamiah was moved into that building
  • The original building at 182 Sobieski Street which housed the boys' school became the day school or Darul Khalil
  • Two years later, Jamiah was full and the search began for a bigger building
  • On October 22, 2001 the Masjid was devastated by an enormous fire accidentally caused by a worker; it took 80 firefighters and many hours to control; it caused tremendous damage including the roof to collapse making it unsafe to be used
  • In May 2002, we purchased an auctioned property about a mile from the previous location which consisted of 16 buildings on 6 acres of land (previously a youth detention center); this became known as Madinatul Uloom which then became the boys' boarding school and included boarding rooms, classrooms, gym, library, kitchen, dining hall, playground and parking lot
  • The curriculum for Boys' includes Hifzul Qur'an, 'Alim Course, Mufti Course and a secular education course recognized by the New York State Department of Education
  • The curriculum for Girls' includes 'Alimah Course and and a secular education course recognized by the New York State Department of Education


Moon Sighting

The moon was not sighted. Therefore,we will complete 30 days of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr will be 

Monday, May 2nd, 2022.