Summer Camp 2019

Welcome to Darul-Uloom Al-madania, a private boarding school, that provides an Islamic environment where young, growing minds come to learn.

Darul Uloom provides many services for students from memorizing Al- Quran Al-Kareem, learning Tafseer, studying Ahadith and much more.

Alhamdu-lillah, Darul Uloom is offering its summer camp program for the youth 10 to 19 years of age. The kids will dorm for 3 weeks, spending their time in an Islamic environment learning the basics of deen while enjoying all the fun activities during a summer vacation. 

We believe that Islam is not only a religion of praying and fasting rather it’s also about having fun and enjoying life. Swimming, racing on foot, horseback riding are amongst the Sunnah’s of our prophet SAW. Therefore, we want the youth here to experience both parts of the deen and spend rest of their lives with pray and play.

Summer Camp 2019 will be held for 3 weeks starting from Monday, July 8th, 2019 to Friday, July 26th, 2019.


Summer camp 2019 will provide the following:


*Learn to read the Quran properly with tajweed

*Learn Fiqh: rulings of worships like Wudu, Salah, fasting, etc.

*Learn the Seerah: life of our beloved Prophet SAW.

*Learn the daily etiquettes: such as eating & drinking, dealing with parents & adults, etc.

*Art of writing Arabic & Calligraphy

*Field trips to the world famous Niagara Falls and amusement parks

*Basketball and soccer tournament

*Pizza, BBQ chicken, burgers, etc.

* Most importantly, spending the 24 hours in an Islamic environment



  • Registration fee is $325 per child until June 28th, 2019 and $395 thereafter
  • Space is limited so register now
  • Registration fee includes: course material, dorming, daily meals, and field trips